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1 Analytics, Business Intelligence And Data …
Why SAS Is the Analytics Leader. Through our innovative, trusted technology and passionate connection to the progress of humanity, SAS empowers and inspires our customers to move the world forward by transforming data into intelligence.

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2 Sas Documentation Example Code And Data
SAS Press Example Code and Data If you are using a SAS Press book (a book written by a SAS user) and do not see the book listed here, you can contact us at saspress

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3 Base Sas(r) 9.2 Procedures Guide - Sas Support
Contains the complete reference for all Base SAS procedures. Provides information about what each procedure does and, if relevant, the kind of output that it produces.

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4 Proc-x: An Online (unofficial) Journal About The …
SAS supports direct integration for Git from Base SAS (via functions), SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Studio, and SAS Data Integration Studio. Read this article to learn how to use Git more effectively in your SAS …

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5 Data Science Certification Program, Sas Academy …
Validate your knowledge and take your career to the next level by getting your data science certification from the SAS Academy for Data Science.

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6 254-30: Using Sas® To Process Repeated Measures Data
Using SAS® to Process Repeated Measures Data Terry Fain and Cyndie Gareleck ABSTRACT Data that contain multiple observations per case are called “repeated measures data.”

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7 Proc Sql By Example - Sas Support Communities
Howard Schreier's book explains and illustrates the use of PROC SQL in the context of the SAS DATA step and other SAS procedures (such as SORT, FREQ, MEANS/SUMMARY, APPEND, DATASETS, and TRANSPOSE) whose functionality overlaps and complements that of SQL.

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8 Sugi 27: Proc Format In Action - Sas
Paper 56-27 PROC FORMAT in Action Jack N Shoemaker, ThotWave Technologies, Cary, NC ABSTRACT The PROC FORMAT subsystem provides an efficient and compact

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9 Data Normalization For Dummies Using Sas - Philasug
Venu Perla, Ph.D. Philadelphia Area SAS Users Group (PhilaSUG) Winter 2016 Meeting; March 16, 2016 Philadelphia University, Philadelphia, PA, USA

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10 Great Using Proc Sgplot, Proc Sgscatter, And Ods For Sas ...
Great Graphics Using Proc Sgplot, Proc Sgscatter, and ODS Graphics for SAS®/Stat Procedures Kathy Welch CSCAR The University of Michigan

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11 Creating A Sas Data Set With A Data Step
You can create either a SAS data file, a data set that holds actual data, or a SAS data view, a data set that references data that is stored elsewhere.

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12 Transporting And Converting Graphics Output - …
Transporting and Converting Graphics Output You can use the following methods to transport and convert graphics output within the SAS System:

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13 Streamlining Data-driven Sas With The %for …
Streamlining Data-Driven SAS The %FOR Macro. The %for macro helps create simpler and more consistent data-driven SAS programs. It is patterned after the looping statements in object-oriented languages such as Python and Ruby.

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14 Ba Jobs | The Best Jobs With The Best Employers | …
Listen to our Weekly podcast with tips and tricks from industry insiders to super charge your job search. We're on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and More.

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15 Sas - Proc Sql With Space In The Column Name - …
Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have

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1 Pharmacokinetics - Philasug Local Sas Users Group ...
Produces the critical data set merging concentration and time values ( Input dataset to PK analysis program (such as WinNonLin) or spreadsheet - enables calculation of PK parameters

2 Cluster Analysis Example: - The University Of Texas At Dallas
SAS program (in blue) and output (in black) interleaved with comments (in red) Title Cluster Analysis for Hypothetical Data; data. t; input cid $ 1

1 Removing Duplicates Using Sas® - Sas Technical Support
Removing Duplicates Using SAS ®, continued SGF 2017 . Page 2 . Method #1 – Using PROC SORT to Remove Duplicates . The first method, and one that is popular with SAS professionals everywhere, uses PROC SORT to remove duplicates.

2 131-31: Using Data Set Options In Proc Sql - Sas
Paper 131-31 Using Data Set Options in PROC SQL Kenneth W. Borowiak Howard M. Proskin & Associates, Inc., Rochester, NY ABSTRACT Data set options are an oft over-looked feature when querying and manipulating SAS® data sets with PROC SQL.

3 274-2011: Proc Datasets: The Swiss Army Knife Of Sas ...
1 Paper 274-2011 PROC DATASETS; The Swiss Army Knife of SAS® Procedures Michael A. Raithel, Westat, Rockville, MD ABSTRACT The DATASETS procedure provides the most diverse selection of capabilities and features of any of the SAS

4 261-30: Manipulating Data With Proc Sql - Sas
1 Paper 261-30 Manipulating Data with PROC SQL Kirk Paul Lafler, Software Intelligence Corporation ABSTRACT PROC SQL isa popular database language with numerous extensionsfor working with numeric and character data

5 Proc Sql – A Primer For Sas Programmers
Proc SQL – A Primer for SAS Programmers Jimmy DeFoor Citi Card Irving, Texas The Structured Query Language (SQL) has a very different syntax and, often, a very different method

6 Sas: Proc Gplot - Medical University Of South Carolina
Introduction to SAS/GRAPH • Graphics component of SAS system. • Includes charts, plots, and maps in both 2 and 3 dimensions. • Procedures included GCHART, GPLOT,

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