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1 Traces - Trade Control And Expert System - Europa
To subscribe to the TRACES services, you must provide some information about yourself. After confirmation, your request will be validated by the local authorities and your account will be activated.

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2 Pesticides - Food Safety - European Commission
What is a Pesticide? A 'pesticide' is something that prevents, destroys, or controls a harmful organism ('pest') or disease, or protects plants or plant products during production, storage and transport.

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3 Eu Pesticides Database - European Commission
is the reference database for member states about the pesticide residues, active substances and products and their values

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4 Sanco/12571/2013 - Eurl | Pesticides
EUROPEAN COMMISSION HEALTH & CONSUMER PROTECTION DIRECTORATE -GENERAL Safety of the food chain Chemicals, contaminants, pesticides SANCO/12571/2013

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5 Sanco Calls For Late Ancwl Leader Morwesi Diswai …
Sanco in North West has called for the recognition of the contribution to society made by late former ANCWL regional chairperson Morwesi Segale-Diswai

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6 Kix -
Pour connaître les LMR, consulter BELCHIM Crop Protection ne préconise l'utilisation de ce produit que sur les cultures et/ou usages ...

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7 获得欧盟注册的中国禽肉生产企业名单
获得欧盟注册的中国禽肉生产企业名单 ( 20180417更新) 企业地址 Address 城市 Town/city 省/直辖市 Province/Region/State 本名单信息为CNCA根据欧盟网站和各局反馈汇总的信息。

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8 Questions And Answers: Animal Testing And …
European Commission. MEMO. Brussels, 11 March 2013. Questions and Answers: Animal testing and cosmetics. Cosmetic products range from everyday hygiene products, such as soap, shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste to luxury beauty items including perfumes and decorative cosmetics.

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9 Lista Stabilimenti -
Sezione II - Carni di pollame e di lagomorfi (Section II - Meat from poultry and lagomorphs)

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10 Lista Stabilimenti -
DIREZIONE GENERALE PER L'IGIENE E LA SICUREZZA DEGLI ALIMENTI E LA NUTRIZIONE UFFICIO 2 - Igiene degli alimenti ed esportazione Elenco ufficiale degli stabilimenti riconosciuti ai …

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11 Capolavori
Recentemente a Capolavori incluiu em seu portfólio duas divisões, sendo que agora temos para oferecer aos nossos clientes válvulas especiais, bombas especiais, bulk material e miscelâneas.

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12 Ctpa - Notification (european)
Notification (European) The Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) is the online notification system created for the implementation of the requirements under the new Cosmetics Regulation.

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13 Pasajeros - Air Europa
Acepto las Condiciones Generales del Programa Air Europa SUMA y la Política de Privacidad, que es responsabilidad de AIR EUROPA LÍNEAS AÉREAS, S.A.U. Finalidad: gestionar el servicio contratado, atención al cliente, enviar comunicaciones comerciales, gestionar programa de …

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14 Engelstalig - Vertaling Naar Frans - Voorbeelden ...
Bij de goedkeuring van de toe treding van het eiland Mauritius tot de Overeenkomst van Jaoende uitte het Parlement de hoop dat deze associatie zal bijdragen tot een toenadering tussen Franstalig en …

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15 Agence Européenne Des Médicaments — Wikipédia
L’Agence européenne des médicaments (AEM; en anglais : European Medicines Agency, EMA) est une agence communautaire créée en 1995. Son siège actuel est Londres jusqu'au retrait du Royaume-Uni de l'UE en 2019, date à laquelle l'agence déménagera à Amsterdam.

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16 Sin Character Database — Ifsa International Fire ...
What is a "SIN Character"? To apply for a SIN Character designation, please fill out and submit the SIN Character Application. All sprinklers are required to have a Sprinkler Identification Number (SIN).

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17 Derecho Alimentario - Wikipedia, La Enciclopedia Libre
Historia. El Derecho alimentario es una rama del Derecho relativamente reciente, aunque en la historia existen numerosos ejemplos de intervención de las autoridades con el objeto de proteger a los ciudadanos en materia de alimentación e higiene.

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18 Home | Malattie Rare Toscana
Ultime notizie. pubblicata 14 December 2018. Firenze, 20/12/2018 - INFO DAY Bandi transnazionali ERANET Cofund. Il giorno 20 dicembre alle ore 14.30 si terrà la giornata informativa per la presentazione di due Bandi transnazionali, di prossima emanazione, relativi a:

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19 Rac - Consiliul Roman Pentru Publicitate
Consiliul Roman pentru Publicitate sau Romanian Advertising Council (RAC) este o organizatie profesionala, non-guvernamentala, non profit si independenta.

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20 Current News In Gauteng | Iol News
Read the latest news stories from Pretoria and Johannesburg, and the rest of the Gauteng region. Your trusted source for local Gauteng news!

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1 Sanco/12571/2013 - Eurl | Pesticides
EUROPEAN COMMISSION HEALTH & CONSUMER PROTECTION DIRECTORATE -GENERAL Safety of the food chain Chemicals, contaminants, pesticides SANCO/12571/2013

2 获得欧盟注册的中国禽肉生产企业名单
获得欧盟注册的中国禽肉生产企业名单 ( 20180417更新) 企业地址 Address 城市 Town/city 省/直辖市 Province/Region/State 本名单信息为CNCA根据欧盟网站和各局反馈汇总的信息。

3 European Commission, Health&consumer ... -
Genotoxic and carcinogenic substances 2 Three independent non-food Scientific Committees provide the Commission with the scientific advice it needs when preparing policy and proposals relating to consumer

4 Opinion On , C ) Trimethylammonium Chloride
SCCS/1246/09 Opinion on alkyl (C 16, C 18, C 22) trimethylammonium chloride, non-preservative uses 2 About the Scientific Committees Three independent non-food Scientific Committees provide the Commission with the

5 各国における Haccp 手法の運用実態の調査
02/03/2011 · 57 (5) 効果的なhaccp 導入・実施のための取組 ec dg sancoへのヒアリングによれば、haccp 導入・実施を図るためには、一定

6 Fongicide Céréaless. -
Fluxapyroxad + pyraclostrobine + époxiconazole Version Juillet 2015 Produits pour les professionnels : utilisez les produits phytopharmaceutiques avec précaution.

7 Plano Regional De SaÚde -
PLANO REGIONAL DE SAÚDE 2013 - 2016 1 ACRÓNIMOS, SIGLAS E ABREVIATURAS Siglas/Abreviaturas Significado ACES Agrupamentos de Centros de Saúde

8 Eu -
1 (別紙) 対eu輸出食肉の取扱要綱 (作 成 日)平成25年 3 月29日 (最終改正日)平成29年11月30日

9 Vejledning For Lokale Varer Salt Og Kryddersalt
Sep. 15 Version 1.0 SPR 1 Vejledning for lokale varer – salt og kryddersalt Formål Formålet med denne vejledning for salt og kryddersalt er at sikre gode, sikre og

10 Ficha TÉcnica Revisión:01 Aprobado: Jr Página 1 De 2
FICHA TÉCNICA Revisión:01 Aprobado: JR Fecha: 03-02-16 Página 1 de 2 Pj. Camino de Acceso N° 02 – Urb. Parcelación Cajamarquilla. Lurigancho – Lima – Perú.

11 Ft - Agromil 48 Ce 01 - Neoagrum
FICHA TÉCNICA Revisión: 01 Aprobado: JR Fecha: 08-08-14 Página 3 de 3 Calle Cantuarias 270 Of. 1001, Miraflores - Lima. Tel.: 51(1) 617-6400

12 Profilassi Vaccinale Degli Operatori Sanitari - Epicentro
2 la tutela dei pazienti, soprattutto quelli ad alto rischio, attraverso il contenimento della trasmissione della malattia in una popolazione semi-aperta.

13 Guidance Paper For Aquatic Ecotoxicology In The Frame Of ...
3 5.2 Higher-tier acute risk assessment .....29 5.3 Reduction of the relevant uncertainty factor if data from additional single species

14 Version 1 - Trends
3 (e.g. at different heights, near a sunny window, next to the doors, etc.). Once placed, a measurement is taken over a period of time and with the results

15 Jfrlニュース Vol.5 No.20 Apr. 2016
ISSN 2186-9138 最近の合成甘味料事情 1/4 Copyright (c) 2016 Japan Food Research Laboratories. All Rights Reserved. JFRL ニュース編集委員会 東京都 ...

16 Chemicals Harmonized Eu-mrl (mg/kg )
3 Sr. No. Chemicals Harmonized EU-MRL (mg/kg ) 70. Emamectin benzoate B1a, expressed as emamectin 0.05 71. Endosulphan (All isomers, sum of alpha- and beta-isomers and

17 Reviewed: July 2015 -
Import of fishery products & bivalve molluscs from Third Countries 3 July 2015 Summary Intended audience: Importers Which UK nations

18 SeguranÇa Alimentar No Leite À Entrada Da FÁbrica
Em Portugal a recolha e tratamento do leite pela indústria é obrigatória e a venda “à porta” ou o consumo de leite em natureza são marginais.

19 Piano Nazionale Di Contrasto Dell’antimiroio -resistenza ...
1 Piano Nazionale di Contrasto dell’Antimiroio-Resistenza (PNCAR) 2017-2020 24 ottobre 2017

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