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Secret To Carry As Support: Pro Galio Gameplay - Meta Tips, Runes And Items | Lol Challenger Guide
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Durée : 7:28

The Ultimate Galio Support Guide [season 10]
This is a Galio Support Guide covering the basics as well as more advanced tips and information about Galio in League of ...
Durée : 24:25

Galio Support Vs Nautilus - Kr Master Patch 10.1
#Galio Support played by q1122, #KRMaster 39 LP
Playlist: [] ...
Durée : 24:29

Galio Support Vs Bard - Kr Challenger Patch 10.10
#Galio Support played by feng ji xu chui, #KRChallenger 871 LP
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Durée : 13:58

Galio Runes Season 10
Discussing Galio Mid & Support Runes for Season 10 in League of Legends. Galio Build. Galio Runes. Answering all questions in ...
Durée : 39:30

Galio Support | The Best Support For Patch 9.4 Is Ready To Make An Impact!
Galio support, one of my favorite picks! Here's how to play it and showing why it's SO damn strong! I'm part of the official League ...
Durée : 27:59

*new Rework* Galio Now Makes His Entire Team Invincible! (one R = One Win!) Reworked Galio Support
Durée : 29:00

Galio Support Vs Bard - Na Grandmaster Patch 10.6
#Galio Support played by Chaosvermin, #NAGrandmaster 164 LP
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Durée : 26:18

Galio Support Vs Leona - Kr Grandmaster Patch 9.23
#Galio Support played by dasczxvcxbfvfdv, #KRGrandmaster 385 LP
Playlist: [] ...
Durée : 23:22

Galio Support Vs Thresh - Kr Challenger Patch 10.8
#Galio Support played by 달성서씨서예성, #KRChallenger 717 LP
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Durée : 30:56

Galio Support Vs Bard - Na Challenger Patch 10.3
#Galio Support played by From Iron, #NAChallenger 1095 LP
Playlist: [] ...
Durée : 22:44

Galio Support Vs Thresh - Kr Master Patch 10.11
#Galio Support played by 속고만살았나보다, #KRMaster 119 LP
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Durée : 29:11

Galio Support Vs Sett - Kr Master Patch 10.9
#Galio Support played by 팔월의후지산, #KRMaster 182 LP
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Durée : 15:02

Sifirdan Elmasa #44 // Galİo Destek - Serİdekİ En Kolay Oyundu !
Bugün sizler için sıfırdan elmasa serisinin yeni bölümünde destek rolünde galio oynuyorum. Oldukça keyifli bir oyun oldu ...
Durée : 23:27

Galio Support Vs Blitzcrank - Kr Grandmaster Patch 10.5
#Galio Support played by 보스 서폿, #KRGrandmaster 101 LP
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Durée : 32:20

Galio Support Vs Braum - Euw Grandmaster Patch 10.7
#Galio Support played by MRS Make, #EUWGrandmaster 268 LP
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Durée : 27:37

Galio Support S10 | Como Jugar Galio Support (buff A La R) | 10.7 Gameplay No Guia | Build, Runas
Hola! Hoy os traigo a Galio en su version de support en la botlane, que es un support enfocado al rol de tanque. Galio no es ...
Durée : 31:50

Galio Support Pour Counter Xayah/rakan ? - Galio Support S8 Gameplay Fr
On s'essaie à un counter atypique à la duolane la plus forte du jeu ! Clique ici pour t'abonner ! [] Suis moi sur ...
Durée : 32:37

Galio Support Vs Rakan - Na Challenger Patch 9.23
#Galio Support played by Lutano, #NAChallenger 728 LP
Playlist: [] ...
Durée : 22:22

Galio Support Guide | Learn How To Win In Botlane | League Of Legends
Hej people, coming you with another guide with one of the other supports I love to play. I'll be making more guides on: Taric, ...