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1 Kendo Ui Professional -
Quickly build eye-catching web apps using Kendo UI's ultimate collection of JavaScript UI components with libraries for jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue.

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2 Kendo Ui Demos -
Tools. Interactive Dojo. An environment designed to help you get up and running with Kendo UI quickly. LESS ThemeBuilder. Create and modify LESS based themes for Kendo UI widgets.

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3 Jquery Ui Vs Kendo Ui Split Testing Results
Kendo UI's widgets can be declaratively initialized using HTML5 data attributes. The Autocomplete widget in jQuery UI combines the functionality of the AutoComplete and ComboBox widgets in Kendo UI …

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4 Demo For Jquery-powered Dropdownlist Widget …
How to easily implement an interactive DropDownlist with user-friendly UI - look at the demo and play with Kendo UI DropDownList.

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5 Grid Control - Kendo Ui With Support For Jquery
Overview. Kendo UI's Responsive and Adaptive HTML5 Grid widget is ready to roll right out of the box. Enjoy over 100 features from filtering and sorting data, to advanced features like pagination and hierarchical data grouping.

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6 Kendo Ui Styles And Appearance -
Styles and Appearance. Less-Based Themes. All Kendo UI widgets arrive with a number of predefined themes. Figure 1: Kendo UI themes for the Web. This is how the same themes are rendered in widgets that visualize data, such as Gauges, Charts, Barcodes, Diagrams, and Maps.

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7 Jquery Grid Documentation | Excel Export | Kendo …
Widgets / Data Management / Grid. Excel Export. As of the Kendo UI Q3 2014 (2014.3.1119) release, the Grid widget provides a built-in Excel export functionality.

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8 How To Show Kendo Grid's Columnmenu Using …
The Kendo Grid has a really nice column context menu (aka: columnMenu) which you can access by right clicking on each column header. The menu is enabled by setting the field in the Kendo Grid to:

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9 Home | Javascript Ui - W2ui
W2UI is a small JavaScript UI library with a complete set of widgets: layout, grid, sidebar, toolbar, tabs, fields, popup, utilities.

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10 Microway | Software Developers And It Professionals
Information on thousands of products for software developers and IT professionals easily searchable by keyword, functional index or product name index.

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11 How To Import/export Data From Excel In Mvc - …
In software development, Import/Export is a technique to read and write data from files. We have multiple data file format to store our valuable data like png, jpg, xls, xlsx, pdf, txt, sql, etc, from where we need to read and write data.

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