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Kendo Datetime Format

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451 Telerik - Format Date In Kendo Template - Stack …
I'm trying to format my DateTime object in my Kendo ListView Template but the suggested kendo.toString method doesn't seem to work for me. I've cut out a lot of code that doesn't relate to my problem to make it a little more simple to understand.

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452 Mvc - Mvc Datetime Binding With …
I've been having the same issue with short date format binding to DateTime model properties. After looking at many different examples (not only concerning DateTime) I put together the follwing:

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453 Object Doesn't Support Property Or Method …
08/05/2014 · Forum thread about Object doesn't support property or method 'kendoGrid' in Kendo UI for jQuery. Join the conversation now.

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454 Is There A Way To Control The Position Of Validation …
30/12/2014 · Forum thread about Is there a way to control the position of validation messages. in Kendo UI for jQuery. Join the conversation now.

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455 Valid Date-time Values In Sql Server. Sqldatetime …
21/08/2008 · You cannot store every date in sql server. The valid range of dates is from 1/1/1753 (1-1-1753) to 12/31/9999 (31-12-9999). The range of the .NET DateTime type is far larger.

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456 Unobtrusive Client And Server Side Age Validation …
One of the best things with MVC is the built-in validation using Data Annotations, these special attributes are simply applied to a class or its property and validation simply just happens on both Client and Server side (taking into consideration you set yours up properly).

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457 ベトさんの記録簿: C# Itextsharp でテキストを抽出
文字コードらしきものはどうやらCIDというAdobe固有の文字コードテーブルのようで、計算して復元できるような代物では ...

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458 ベトさんの記録簿: String Or Binary Data Would Be …
String or binary data would be truncated. MS-SQLで桁数オーバーした場合、上記のエラーが表示される。

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