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Kalista But She's In Tahm Kench And Yuumi Is On Her And Shen Is Ulting Her And She's Ulting Yasuo
If that title wasn't confusing enough, it's how to make your entire team teleport at once to gank Follow my stream: ...
Durée : 0:46

League Of Legindstalm Ult - Kalista Counter Ult Double Kill
In a continuation of my last League of Legends Vid., this clip was from the same LoL game. Thresh and I (Kalista) had some ...
Durée : 0:18

Why You Never Counter Jungle A Sated Kalista...
Lee sin making a horrible mistake...
Durée : 0:20

Counter Kalista 101
I mean right now EVERYTHING counters Kalista, but hey, why not. Game is League of Legends, owned by Riot Games. I do not ...
Durée : 15:34

Beat The Collar Tie!... Anton Kalista's Throw By
PLEASE Click this link to SUPPORT the TeachMeGrappling Channel!!! [] or ...
Durée : 0:24

Live For Game Hyt Cup - Kalista - Counter Fusion Extreme

Durée : 11:04

Counter The Meta: Best Counterpicks For Every Role - Patch 10.1 - League Of Legends Season 10
Want instant, easily-accessible, 24-7 coaching from high elo players? Then check out our website: [] ...
Durée : 29:23

Je Joue Avec Le Meilleur Support Euw - Kalista Adc
SoloQ sur Kalista, on tombe avec azerty1 sur Zyra, alias Moopz, actuellement premier support du ladder euw. Patch 7.8. N'hésitez ...
Durée : 17:42

Guia Kalista - Build, Runas, Maestrias, Counters Y Estrategia
[] twitter: [].
Durée : 2:42

Senna Autos & Abilities Vs Yasuo W, Braum E & Pantheon E
Interesting little Senna test vs Yasuo, Braum & Pantheon! ➤ Send me your replays here: ➤ Become a ...
Durée : 13:28

30 Day Kalista Challenge (league Of Legends)
Starting a brand new series today - going to play as much Kalista as I can in 30 days and see what the difference is!
Durée : 20:29

The Queen Of Lane Is Back!! Kalista Is Viable Again!! - Kalista Adc Season 8
After being out of play for so long, we tried Kalista again and she's actually pretty DOPE! Just make sure you find yourself a ...
Durée : 13:40

Kalista Vs Vayne Montage - Who Is The Best Adc?
Kalista vs Vayne Montage - WHO IS THE BEST ADC - League of Legends ▻ For more videos, I Appreciate, Likes, Comments, ...
Durée : 0:48

Casio Adc Counter To Rammus & Kalista

Durée : 3:18

How To Counter Kalista Players As Taric Low Elo Gold V

Durée : 2:18:33

Legends Of Runeterra: Undying Kalista Expedition [trial 2] 6 Wins!
Put here, sorry for the long video again, but I had a ton of fun playing this! Kalista is pretty strong with units that you ...
Durée : 21:51

T1 Teddy Kalista Vs Ezreal Adc - Patch 10.3 Kr Ranked
T1 Teddy KALISTA vs EZREAL ADC - Patch 10.3 KR Ranked ↓↓↓ Runes & Matchhistory ↓↓↓ GAME TYPE: Ranked Solo 5v5 ...
Durée : 10:34

Aphelios Vs Jhin 6x Infinity Full Build Fights & Best Moments!
Today we're gonna show you Aphelios vs. Jhin Fights. Who will win?
Submit your Best LoL Plays to us: ...
Durée : 24:54

Dat Botlane Kalista + Thresh & Skt Bengi ♦ Oeil Sur La Corée
Kalista & Thresh, Game Kor chaque vendredi en live sur le nouveau site [] ▻LIVE ON? Suis-moi avec ...
Durée : 35:32

Narkuss Me DÉfie Sur Lol - Kalista Adc
Petit défi entre amis avec mon poto Narkuss qui joue sa meilleure Zyra jungle Retrouvez moi en live sur N'hésitez ...