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Best Interchangeable Core Locks

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301 Best :: Home
Simply the Best Setting the Standard for Security. As one of America's favorite hardware brands, BEST® has represented tough, versatile, high-quality locks for more than 90 years.

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302 Cormax Interchangeable Core - Best
SIMPLY THE BEST BEST has represented tough, versatile, high-quality locks for more than 90 years. Today, BEST leads the industry with bold, innovative designs …

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303 Schlage Nd53bd-rho Rhodes Entrance Door Lever …
The ND-Series has long been one of Schlage’s best selling mechanical locks for good reason - it’s tough, durable, Grade 1 rated and fits a wide variety of applications.

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304 Abus 83al-ic/40 S2 Sfic Small Format …
ABUS 83AL-IC/40 S2 SFIC Small Format Interchangeable Core Aluminum Rekeyable Padlock w/o core with 1.5-Inch Shackle, Silver - Combination Padlocks -

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305 Schlage 23-030-c-606 Cylinder For Full Size ...
Schlage 23-030-C-606 Cylinder for Full Size Interchangeable Core in C Keyway, 606 - Satin Brass, Varies Metal

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306 1000 Series Knob Pushbutton Locks Kaba Simplex
105 Kaba Simplex 1000 Series Knob Pushbutton Locks Kaba Simplex This series is ideal for limiting access in high-traffic areas. Two access control functions are available in

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307 Types Of Locks :: Security Snobs
When looking at purchasing locks for your home or business, the amount of options can certainly be overwhelming. There are many different types of locks and several different security factors to consider before purchasing.

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308 Lever Lock With Bilock Or Abloy Protec2 Core :: …
Jump to Product Options/Ordering. Lever Lock with High Security Core Available in Satin Chrome, Bright Brass, and Oil Rubbed Bronze. Can be loaded with an Abloy or BiLock high security core.

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309 Olympus Lock Products
Product Groups: Interchangeable core: Best SFIC, Schlage Full-size IC, Medeco/Yale IC, Corbin/Russwin IC, Sargent IC; Schlage "C" keyway; Commercial keyways, less cylinder locks to accept third party Schlage key-in-knob compatible cylinders

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310 Horseshoe Lock & Key | Mobile Locksmith
and Horseshoe Lock & Key will provide prompt and friendly assistance. Get your locks changed the same day when keys get lost, stolen, or otherwise in the wrong hands.

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311 The Many Different Types Of Locks – The Security …
Qualified hardware posted a great article that lists all the different types of locks. This is a good guideline for those purchasing a lock or interested in lock picking.

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312 5 Best Smart Locks For Your Home - Techlicious
Smart locks offer remote unlocking, electronic guest key access, proximity-based unlocking when paired to your smartphone, and more.

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313 Door Lock Manufacturer For Commercial Security | …
Interchangeable Door Locks. Killeen Security Products (KSP), manufacturer of Small Format Interchangeable Cores, Mortise and Rim Housings, is located in Worcester, Massachusetts, and has been in New England since 1983.

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314 Abus Bike Locks - Bike Safety And Security - Mobile …
ABUS locks for bikes – whether U-locks, folding locks or chain locks, ABUS bike locks provide effective protection against bicycle theft

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301 Section 087100 - Door Hardware - Product Masterspec
Locks do not require use of a key, tool, or special knowledge for operation. Verify accessibility requirements of authorities having jurisdiction. Some projects may require compliance with multiple accessibility regulations.

302 Earthworks - Department Of Public Works
Solid core flush panel doors are heavy duty doors suitable for dry interior use only – specify for frequent use and abuse, e.g. schools, public places, hospitals. Semi-solid flush panel doors are medium duty doors suitable for dry interior use only - specify for general use in office blocks, dwellings, barracks and single quarters, including cupboard doors.

A white heat-resistant three-core flexible cable with a nominal length of 1,5m connected onto the terminal block in the ceiling box, and the other end factory-connected to the lamp holder or …

301 List Of Cams For Schlage Mortise Cylinders
Cams for Schlage Mortise Cylinders in Other Manufacturers' Mortise Locks Y -727 Y -727 Corbin Russwin. OL4COD Series (Old Corbin 420 Russwin 1503)

302 Yale Interconnected Electronic Locksets Provide Scalable ...
Interchangeable Core (SFIC) cylinders. The Assure locks are available in three finishes – bright brass, satin nickel plated and oil rubbed bronze – and 12 lever designs, while the Data-on-Card version offers an additional finish – dark

303 Dal Door Hardware Standards (2013-01-23)
Interchangeable Core x Visual Key Control x Serialization of Keys Patented Premium Standard x ManualQ. Key Control Dalhousie University Design Standards Door Hardware Checklist Page 4 of 4 Polished Stainless Steel Satin Stainless Steel Dark Bronze Coated P. Keying Existing Key System x If So, What Type? High Security? Special Cyl Locations Computerized Keying Comments Meet University Best …

304 Schlage Key Blanks -
SCHLAGE KEY BLANKS 13 ... Interchangeable Core Small Format (Best Style) Interchange-able Core 1-1/8" min. 1-1/2" min. 1-3/8" min. Conventional Primus Primus UL Less Core Standard Core Primus Core Less Core Everest Core L Straight Adams-Rite AR 4070 30-021 20-793 20-583 20-013* 20-706* 20-506* 26-073 20-708 20-508 26-021 20-701 20-501 For Full Size Cylinders 0 34-300 1 34-301 2 …

305 S-series And S200-series -
S-Series and S200-Series locks are designed to deliver constant, reliable performance in light commercial applications like small hotels, laboratories and …

306 Free Read Cylinders Keys And Keying Systems Pdf
interchangeable core cylinders offer fast changeover when keys are lost. 42001 Yale Commercial Price Book • security cylinders and keys • high security cylinders and keys Keying And Cylinders - Lockwood - duplicate keys or additional locks to be supplied with ease ... lockwood product catalogue keying and cylinders | 2017-03 5 1300 lock up (1300 562 587) ...

307 Ma Series -
and product ID chart 12 • Falcon • Locks To order Falcon MA Series locksets, please consult page 21 for ordering information and assistance. Indicates interchangeable core available.

Dexter/Master Master Door Locks ... I/C-Interchangeable Core I/C A2 System Best Small Format I/C A-R, TA-TE, W Falcon Small Format I/C A-R, TA-TE, W Arrow Small Format I/C 1A-4D Exclusions: Arrow Flexcore, Kaba Peaks, Insta-Key BP201IC-A3 A3 System Interchangeable Core I/C A3 System BP201IC-A4 A4 System Interchangeable Core I/C A4 System BP201KW Kwikset Standard …

Picking these locks can be too time-consuming. Drilling is often the best and only solution. 500 Cylinder Eater" No. CE-6000 Drill Attachment, industrial drill bit and 3 Tips (for.395, .500 85 Drill Bit Carbide ndustrial Carbide Carbide Carbide Carbide Industrial ndustrial Carbide Carbide ndustrial Industrial Industrial Industrial deadbolts, IC and more, gnawing through shear lines with ...

310 Padlocks, Deadlocks, Push-pull Dl2100/dl3100, Dl3000 ...
Padlocks, Deadlocks, Push-Pull DL2100/DL3100, DL3000, DL4000, HL10 & PL5000 Series

311 Schlage Keypad Lock Owners Manual -
install NDE Series wireless locks simplify installation by combining the lock, credential reader, Texas Instruments Tag-It® Serial Number, Phillips I-Code® CSN trademarks are …

312 Specials 2017 Yankee Security Expo Dealbook
1-844-522-5275 – 5 – Products. Technology. Services. Delivered Globally. Discounts alid October 21-27 2017. Product information and image depicted may differ from actual product.

313 Technicalmanual - Institutional Locksmiths
TechnicalManual Section1:Introduction. Section1-1 I n t r o d u c t i o n Kabahasproducedhighsecurity keycontrolproductsforover25 years. Fromthestrengthofthat technologycomesanewsystem– PeaksGlobal. PeaksGlobalisa dealerexclusivepatentedkey controlsystemavailableinalimit-ednumberofkeyways. Itallows eachDealertohaveaunique keywaysoexclusivethatthereisn’t anotheronelikeit,anywhereon theglobe ...

314 2017 Edition 5808 Long Creek Park Drive Suite A Charlotte ...
and Customer Service Specialists to best service our customer’s daily needs. In doing this it In doing this it will give our customers a wide breath of product offerings and personal customer support

315 E-plex 2000 Series Specification (including Powerstar Option)
E-Plex® 2000 Series Specification (Including PowerStar ™Option) Features Access Control: Electronic pushbutton lock—eliminates problems and costs associated with issuing, controlling and collecting keys, and cards. Provides exterior access by PIN code, while allowing free egress. The E-Plex 2000 series of locks are available in two different power configurations: E2000—locks are powered ...

316 Grade 1 Cylindrical Locks
Grade 1 Cylindrical Locks SDC M7200 Series locksets are designed for commercial, industrial and institutional use, where dependable operation and longevity is required along with high resistance to vandalism and abuse. Applications include office buildings, government centers, factories, schools and hospitals and more. Internal clutch provides vandal resistance by permitting lever rotation ...

317 Light/medium Duty Commercial -
• Available in core designs for use in special application locks, such as high security mortise, hotel cylinders, and glass display-case locks. • Utilizes the same combinating kits and key cutting equipment as the Standard BEST keyways.

318 Index Locksmith Tools Locksmith Tools
LOCKSMITH TOOLS #4. Interchangeable Core Key Decoders 005-0225 # 4 $35.00 #6. General Motors Lock Decoders 005-0015 # 6 $71.90 #16. Cylinder

319 Multi-family Housing Solutions -
interchangeable core system available ELECTRONIC SPECIFICATIONS MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS RETROLOCK.COM D11 Lever - No Key Cylinder Option . COMMON AREAS/ BACK OF THE HOUSE CYLINDRICAL LOCKS RLME 100 & RLME 200 (WIRELESS OR BLE) RETROLOCK.COM •Online or offline BLE wireless motorized MIFARE RFID and key pad cylindrical …

320 8300 Series With Alarm - Tell Manufacturing
PAGE 7 8300 SERIES with ALARM Standard Features n Performance Complies with ANSI A156.3, 1994, Grade 1 n Rail Fits 36" doors ~ * cannot be cut down.

321 8 Line -
• silver-based finish coating Accepts SARGENTstandard, high security and interchangeable core cylinders • permanently suppresses the Large selection of functions • …

322 Access Control In The Real World - Cybersecuritysource
2 A Complete Access Control System in Every Lock Core CyberLock is an innovative security system that transforms mechanical locks into a feature-rich electronic

323 Request For Proposals - University Of Southern Maine
3 access management systems, ability to work with current University systems and preferred vendors, ability to provide requested product functionality and financial stability of bidder.

324 Specifications Certifications - Cxt Parts
Interchangeable core and Primus ... and is also completely compatible with Best ®, Falcon, etc. small format cores. To order complete locks with Everest B Family restricted keyway cores, change product suffix from P to GD and provide letter of authorization from end user. Example: B660GD. To order locks less core, change suffix to BD. To order with keyed brass construction cores, change ...

325 Locksmiths Who Demand The Best Demand - Interline Brands
demand locksmiths who demand the best a1 security manufacturing corporation high-quality tools and accessories for locksmiths mean green machine

326 Alarm Lock Dl2700.pdf - Comcast Business
Available in standard key override and interchangeable core models accepting 6 or 7 pin cores from Arrow, Best, Falcon or KSP. Other IC core preps available through special order Easy to install. Retrofits most cylindrical locksets & digital locks Available in standard Trilogy leverset (straight) or with new Regal (curved) handle trim, as show at right Regal Handle Trim WATERPROOF MODELS Dual ...

327 The Mt Lock - Gokeyless: Keyless Locks And Access Control ...
optional small format interchangeable core (SFIC) ... With the MT™ RFID lock, the MT lock is updated and enhanced with an RFID reader, which is compatible with MIFARE credentials. MT RFID features: • Contactless communication between the keycard and the reader via RF waves using industry-standard MIFARE ISO A14443 communication and SAFLOK’s proprietary high-security encryption • …

328 Out Of The Way Yet Easy To Get - Mdc-um
Out of the way yet easy to get The equation is the same in every workplace: Better organization equals greater productivity. HON makes filing and storage components of

329 Div 08 Openings -
Locksets and latches shall be Best 9K extra-heavy-duty cylindrical with Best 7-pin interchangeable core to match existing product throughout the Campus. Lockset and Cores to be of the same manufacturer to maintain complete lockset warranty. Locks to have solid shank with no opening for access to keyed lever keeper. Lock chassis must be through-bolted outside of the lock chassis prep …

330 Raising The Standards For Quality And Dependability. Snap ...
The Masters Series Tool Storage You Didn’t Build Your Reputation By Going For Second-Best. Neither Did We. First. Foremost. The rules are pretty simple when you’re playing

331 Table Of Contents - Idn Inc
Sliding door locks come with two bars, one for wood and one for glass doors. Locks have a common keyway that can be rekeyed to match many popular disk tumbler keys.

332 2015 Edition 5808 Long Creek Park Drive Suite A Charlotte ...
and Customer Service Specialists to best service our customer’s daily needs. In doing this it In doing this it will give our customers a wide breath of product offerings and personal customer support

333 0 80 C -
Exceptional security, enhanced aesthetics, and rugged dependability. These premium locks are built with a high performance cylindri-cal chassis for all applications

334 Part 1 - General -
This applies to combination locks (electric or mechanical) as well. 1.04 All cylinders shall be (Best 7 pin interchangeable) (Schlage 6 pin standard) (Schlage 6 pin interchangeable) core and keyed into the existing factory registered Grand Master key

335 Quality Reliability Innovation Safety And Security
SARGuide™TL,withintegratedelectroluminescent “EXIT” signage, addresses the increasing concern about safe public egress, particularly in low-visibility conditions.

336 Electric Strikes -
work with an extensive range of locks and offers the same level of security and reliability usually provided by more expensive electric locking solutions. Extension lips are available to accommodate the installation of electric strikes on door frames with different thickness. The ES110 product range of patented electric strikes are suitable for use with all access control installations where ...

337 Drsfrmshrdwr -
Yale 6- and 7-pin standard and interchangeable core cylinders including Yale KeyMark patented keyway Longer thread locking through-bolts through the chassis provide greater stability and prevent rotation. Lifetime warranted heavy-duty lever return springs prevent Standard cylinders with Schlage C and SargenP LA keyways. Small format interchangeable cores with Best keyways. lever sag and ...

338 Gt Series Spirit Extra Heavy Duty Grade 1 Function Chart ...
Communicating GT 141 • Key in either side locks or unlocks its own lever independently F80 Utility • Latchbolt operated by key from either side Asylum/Institution GT 128 • Both levers always fixed F87

339 In The Court Of Chancery Of The State Of Delaware In Re ...
security system known as the “interchangeable core and masterkey system” in order to avoid having to carry a cumbersome collection of iron keys around his school.

Throwing deadbolt locks outside knob/lever and free wheeling. TO unlock from outside, rotating outside coin turn retracts deadbolt and unlocks outside knob/lever.

341 Spirit Locks -
PO Box 507 2754 Creek Hill Road Leola PA 17540 800 441 9692 717 656 4281 717 656 6892 Fax PDQ’S SASeries Brochures are now printed entirely on …

342 Division 28 – Electronic Safety And Security 28 00 00 ...
DIVISION 28 – ELECTRONIC SAFETY AND SECURITY 2006 Edition, Published January 1, 2006; Division Revision Date: February 7, 2017 28-3 within new field hardware to be compatible with existing host computer software revisions as currently

343 2000 Series - Interline Brands
2000 Series. 15 E-Plex ® 2000 Series ... Interchangeable Core: Small format—Best and equivalent (6 or 7-pin length); cylinder not included . 16 E2000 Exterior 213⁄ 16" (71 mm) 815⁄ 16" 8 (227 mm) Installation Ease of Installation: No wiring to or through the door—no risk of pinched wires Door Preparation: Cylindrical and Exit Trim—ASA 161 (easily installs on door preparation with ...

344 Sargent Keyed Order Leadsheet System Information …
SARGENT KEYED ORDER LEADSHEET THIS ORDER ONLY (Section 10 - 18) P.O. # 10) PACKING INSTRUCTIONS FOR CHANGE KEYS Pack Change Keys With Locks (Standard) Pack Change Keys separately - See Price Book

345 Daily Passe-partout -
The best solution for those places where hygiene and cleanliness play a central role, ... Two locks on the same dispenser: a Key for the total safety of the internal elements and a Button for a simpler and faster usage. La doppia serratura consente il funzionamento con: chiave per garantire la totale protezione degli elementi interni, o con bottone per un utilizzo . più facile e veloce in ...

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