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Best Interchangeable Core Locks

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101 Best :: Home
Simply the Best Setting the Standard for Security. As one of America's favorite hardware brands, BEST® has represented tough, versatile, high-quality locks for more than 90 years.

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102 Key And Core - Best Access Systems
Key and Core Catalog 3 QUALITY We design our locks to exceed expectations. With tight tolerances and top-quality materials, our keys and cores set the standard

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103 Schlage Nd53bd-rho Rhodes Entrance Door Lever …
The ND-Series has long been one of Schlage’s best selling mechanical locks for good reason - it’s tough, durable, Grade 1 rated and fits a wide variety of applications.

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104 Abus 83al-ic/40 S2 Sfic Small Format …
ABUS 83AL-IC/40 S2 SFIC Small Format Interchangeable Core Aluminum Rekeyable Padlock w/o core with 1.5-Inch Shackle, Silver - Combination Padlocks -

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105 Schlage Nd80jd Rho Storeroom Function Lock, …
Schlage ND80JD extra heavy duty Storeroom function Lock (outside lever is fixed, entry by key only, inside lever is always unlocked) Schlage Large Format interchangeable Core Prep (less LFIC core).

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106 Olympus Lock Products
Product Groups: Interchangeable core: Best SFIC, Schlage Full-size IC, Medeco/Yale IC, Corbin/Russwin IC, Sargent IC; Schlage "C" keyway; Commercial keyways, less cylinder locks to accept third party Schlage key-in-knob compatible cylinders

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107 Horseshoe Lock & Key | Mobile Locksmith
and Horseshoe Lock & Key will provide prompt and friendly assistance. Get your locks changed the same day when keys get lost, stolen, or otherwise in the wrong hands.

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108 The Many Different Types Of Locks – The Security …
Qualified hardware posted a great article that lists all the different types of locks. This is a good guideline for those purchasing a lock or interested in lock picking.

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109 Abus Bike Locks - Bike Safety And Security - Mobile …
ABUS locks for bikes – whether U-locks, folding locks or chain locks, ABUS bike locks provide effective protection against bicycle theft

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101 Section 087100 - Door Hardware - Product Masterspec
Locks do not require use of a key, tool, or special knowledge for operation. Verify accessibility requirements of authorities having jurisdiction. Some projects may require compliance with multiple accessibility regulations.

102 Earthworks - Department Of Public Works
Solid core flush panel doors are heavy duty doors suitable for dry interior use only – specify for frequent use and abuse, e.g. schools, public places, hospitals. Semi-solid flush panel doors are medium duty doors suitable for dry interior use only - specify for general use in office blocks, dwellings, barracks and single quarters, including cupboard doors.

A white heat-resistant three-core flexible cable with a nominal length of 1,5m connected onto the terminal block in the ceiling box, and the other end factory-connected to the lamp holder or …

101 Commercial Security Products Price List
interchangeable core keyways available Choose keying – KD, KA, MK, GMK CHOOSE CUSTOM MARKING Laser engraving, hard stamping and pad printing EDGE® KEY CONTROL Prevents unauthorized duplication of keys ADVANCED CYLINDER TECHNOLOGY Excellent protection against lock bumping 1 2 3 Dept. 502 Customer Service & Sales Support 1-800-308-9242 Over 75 dedicated and knowledgeable employees ready to ...

102 Bhma A156.2 Locks And Latches Products 04-11-17
BEST Access Solutions, Inc. 6161 East 75 th Street Indianapolis, IN 46250 Phone: 855-365-2407 Fax:317-595-7614 Certified Locks and Latches ANSI/BHMA A156.2 – 2011

103 1) Best Locksets 2) Stanley Commercial Hardware 3) Stanley ...
BEST will build the locks to work exactly as specified, so they may or may not have the ability to be converted to another function in the future. Universal Lock

104 View And Download Schlage Cylinders
Core Schlage® figure-8 interchangeable core (IC) locksets allow immediate rekeying at the Sepam™ Series 20 Protective Relays User's Manual Instruction Bulletin.

105 Grade 1 Cylindrical Locks 5000l Series
Small Format Interchangeable Cores Interchangeable Core will accept compatible 6 or 7 pin cores with BEST. ANSI / BHMA ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Grade 1 strength and operational requirements ANSI A250.13 severe windstorm compliant UL Listed for 3 Hr ‘A’ label or lesser fire rated single doors, 4’ x 8’ UL10C/UBC-2 positive pressure compliant UL10B neutral pressure compliant ADA ADA/ANSI A117.1 ...

106 Design Standards Ysm Appendix Section Ii. Divisions 1 - 14 ...
interchangeable core lock for all locks. Yale University will provide the final core. Yale University will provide the final core. 08700 FINISH HARDWARE (Change #26 10/1/2006)

107 Nd-series - Supreme Doors | Firedoor Experts
16 ND-Series Electrified Locks and Wiring Diagram 17 Cylinders and Key Systems 18 Standard Cylinders 18 Full Size Interchangeable Core 18 Primus XP High Security Cylinders 19 Small Format Interchangeable Core 20 Latches 21 Strikes 21 Rabbeted Latch and Strike Kit 21 Accessories 22 Specifications and Certifications 22 Door Preparation 23 Ordering Guidelines Pictured here: Tubular lever shown in ...

108 Division 8 - Doors And Windows, Section 08 710 - Finish ...
Use 93K SAR/MED, non-interchangeable core, line cylindrical locks less cylinders, with Medeco throw members (Best part no. B55716), at all other general use applications. Medeco Throw Members to be

109 Padlocks, Deadlocks, Push-pull Dl2100/dl3100, Dl3000 ...
Padlocks, Deadlocks, Push-Pull DL2100/DL3100, DL3000, DL4000, HL10 & PL5000 Series

110 Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Lockpicking ...
Ten Things Everyone Should Know About Lockpicking & Physical Security Deviant Ollam Physical security is an oft-overlooked component of data and system security in the technology

111 Pricebook - Mayflower Sales
interchangeable core (SFIC) cylinders, large format interchangeable core (LFIC) cylinders, conventional mortise, rim and key-in-knob cylinders designed to retrofit virtually any door.

112 Schlage B Series Commercial Grade Deadbolts Catalog
Deadbolt finishes Full size interchangeable core Small format interchangeable core Deadbolt designs B500 Series A versatile and economical Grade 2

113 Price Book -
Price Book 2017 TRILOGY ELECTRONIC DIGITAL LOCKS DL2700 SERIES – Electronic battery operated digital lock. Holds up to 100 user codes, 1 Master, 10 Manager codes & up to 3 one time user codes.

114 Cylinders And Keying Manual Interchangeable Core
interchangeable core 15 cylinders and keying manual large format Large format cores are interchangeable with Yale® mortise locks, cylindrical locks and exit device trims

115 Knob & Lever Locks - Lsda
Interchangeable Core (SFIC), such as Best®, Falcon, KSP, Arrow®, 6- or 7-Pin • Design: - Mfr.#Ball (B): Round Knob - Plymouth (P): Flattened Round Knob • Functions - Entrance/Office (LH1000): Pushing and turning inside button locks outside knob requiring use of key until button is manually unlocked. Pushing inside button locks outside knob until unlocked with a key or inside knob is ...

116 Stock Items Interchangeable Core Cabinet Locks Ship Same ...
Stock items INTERCHANGEABLE CORE CABINET LOCKS ship same day! 721DR Reversible l.c. Door Lock U.S. Patent Nos. 4,899.563; 4,920.774 Door lock

117 Keypad Locks -
LFIC = Large Format Interchangeable Core SFIC = Small Format Interchangeable Core Levers Accepting SFIC And Other Manufacturers' Large Format Interchangeable Cores

118 Keystone 600® Hands-on Training Webinar
BEST Interchangeable Core/Key Systems Training Keystone 600 Key & Core Tracking Software Administration Classes are offered, and may be taken in succession.

119 Locks -
retrofit easy with an interchangeable core that can be removed for quick, easy re-keying and is compatible with SFIC products from other manufacturers. Plus they're backed by one of the best names

120 Schlage F Series Pdf -
interchangeable core less Schlage logo. Full-size.For more than 90 years, Schlage has been creating the strongest and most technologically. The Full-size.For more than 90 years, Schlage has been creating the strongest and most technologically.

121 Your Access Control Solutions - Oak Security Group
Core: Interchangeable 6 & 7 pin compatible with all other small format interchangeable core housings. non-i/C Cylinder/plug option : Standard “C” keyway, compatible with Schlage * . masterkeying : Tailored masterkey system set-up and design.

122 Extra Heavy-duty Cylindrical Lever Locksets Cl3300 Series
Indicates optional interchangeable core available; see Quick Codes, page 14. Indicates freewheeling lever in locked position. - Throw-off latchbolt by lever closing door or by turning inside lever.

123 4200 Series - Pdq Manufacturing
conventional cylinder small format interchangeable core large format interchangeable core KEYWAY PDQ KEYWAY DESIGNATOR KEYWAY (BEST COMPATIBLE) PDQ KEYWAY DESIGNATOR KEYWAY (SCHLAGE COMPATIBLE) PDQ KEYWAY DESIGNATOR

124 Miscellaneous - The Builders Supply
versatility by integrating a modified Best interchangeable core into the actual locking mechanism. This machined solid brass cylinder is designed for use on display

125 M Series Heavy Duty Mortise Lockset
Effective May 2015 1 CR3000 Series List Price HEAVY DUTY, GRADE 1 DIGITAL KEYPAD DOOR LOCK Optional Interchangeable Core for Best, Falcon and Arrow

126 Knob & Lever Locks - Lsda
Pushing and turning inside button locks outside lever requiring use of key until button is manually unlocked. Pushing inside button locks outside lever until unlocked

127 Door Hardware And Keying Part 1 General - Fsu Facilities
4.01 All door locks shall be on the University’s proprietary keying system, i.e. BEST Removable Core, as specified by Facilities Operations and Maintenance Key Shop.

128 Corbin Russwin -
81 C Corbin russwin LatChes, CyLinders, interChangeabLe Core & sPindLe LatChes Mfg # keyway eZ # 8000 60 626 60 028111 interChangeabLe Core Mfg # keyway eZ #

129 Installation Intructions And Template For 5k Locks
BEST ACCESS SYSTEMS a Division of Stanley Security Solutions, Inc Follow these instructions to install a 5K Lock. Procedures one and two below are necessary only for doors that have not yet been prepared

130 Arrow Ml Series Lever Lock - Cam Locks,padlocks And Door ...
Arrow ML Series Lever Lock 6025 Cinderlane Parkway • Orlando FL 32810 • 407.298.9895 • 800.657 ... also accept cores manufactured by Best™, Falcon™, Medeco Keymark™, ASSA™, and others. Suffix "IC" to indicate small format interchangeable core, or "LFIC" (SR design only) to indicate Medeco or ASSA High Security large format interchangeable core. Temporary Arrow small format ...

131 Genesys Series Documents Part Numbers And Descriptions ...
Available with Interchangeable Core for Best, Falcon, Arrow Available with Interchangeable Core for Schlage Full Size Format OEM Cylinders. Clutch - Free turning handle in the locked position, without retracting the latch, to deter breaking

132 Sequence Locks And Key Retainer Devices - Lynk2
BEST had heard reports of college kids using a hammer to dislodge extended bolts, whereby stripping the gears and allowing either core to turn and release the keys. The

133 Extra Heavy Duty Mortise Locks -
Extra Heavy Duty Mortise Locks The Schlage L-Series mortise lock line is a heavy duty commercial mortise lock containing a wide array of knob and lever designs.

134 Continuing Education Approved Course List -
Best Interchangeable Core Service LS1408.06 3 hours ... Servicing Schlage Wafer Locks LS1206.11 1 hours Servicing Hotel Function Interchangeable Cores LS1206.19 1 hours SFIC Product Variations in the Field LS1206.18 1 hours SFIC Tools & Their Use LS1206.22 1 hours The World of the Sargent LFIC LS1206.06 1 hours Troubleshooting SFIC Issues LS1206.25 1 hours Understanding the ASSA LFIC LS1206.02 ...

135 14 Cylinders&icproducts –arrowpointe
100CR 6 Pin Core Combinated 7100CR 7 Pin Core Combinated 100CR-UC 6 Pin Core Uncombinated 7100CR-UC 7 Pin Core Uncombinated PointeKeyBlanks: Nickel Silver CATNO. DESCRIPTION C x Keyway 6 or 7 Pin Key Blank CP x Keyway 6 or 7 Pin Key Blank, Plain Bow A ro w&Cmp eti K yas: Cylinders&ICProducts–ArrowPointe ClassicProduct 6 PIN INTERCHANGEABLE CORE 7 PIN INTERCHANGEABLE CORE. Title: Layout 1 ...

136 Trilogy: Dl2700 -
Our most popular standalone pushbutton cylindrical lock Durable electronic digital locks available in indoor and outdoor models • Grade 1 Durability.

137 Olympus Lock, Inc. Price List - Mayflower Sales
and interchangeable core cabinet lock bodies for a broad range of commercial applications. Our Our mission is to create pin tumbler cabinet locks and accessories of unparalleled innovation, quality,

138 Trilogy T2: Dl2700 - Napco Security Technologies
INTERCHANGEABLE CORE MODELS: Accepts 6 & 7 Pin Cylinders from: Best, Arrow, KSP, Medeco Keymark & Kaba Peaks. Also available IC Core models for Yale, Medeco, Sargent, Corbin/

139 B-series - Factorylocks Home Page
4 GRADE 2 GRADE 2 GRADE 2 Schlage Commercial Locks S-Series S200-Series A-Series H-Series Not all functions and finishes available with all products.

140 Here, Please Contact Us. Backset:2-3/4. Mortise Locks
linder and prepped for a Best IC cylinder.Trim designs shown are only a small sample of the wide variety available.If your needs are not met by what is shown here, please contact us.

141 Heavy Duty Locks-knobs - Quality Door & Hardware
2 HEAVY DUTY † Quick, economical rekeying with the BEST original interchangeable core. † Knobs machined from brass or bronze bar stock.* † Rotating knob face provides for easy hand of door change without removing the knob.

142 4600(ln) Series -
6 4600(LN) series grade 2 cylindrical locks plain latchbolts deadlocking latchbolts latchbolts other manufacturers keyway cylinders/cores Note: 2805, 2806 and 3806 cylinders are supplied with applicable tailpieces that are needed to operate 4600(LN) locksets.

143 Falcon Lock Rekeying Instructions -
Temporary to become Administrative Policies. B-SERIES Commercial Grade Auxiliary Locks B SERIES INDEX Accessories and (Best and Falcon style) interchageable core for

144 Accredited Lock Supply B
66 Accredited Lock Supply HK SERIES - INTERCHANGEABLE CORE HEAVY DUTY CYLINDRICAL LOCKSETS Arrow’s HK Series Grade 1 cylindrical knob locks are designed and tested for the most robust

145 Features -
I started Marshall Best Security Corporation in 2004 in order to continue a long family tradition of . providing high quality locking products with unequaled customer service at competitive prices. The innovative spirit that enabled my grandfather Frank Best to invent the Small Format Interchangeable Core back in 1924 is still alive at MBS today. Our focus is upon excelling at that which my ...

146 Al-series - Decorative Hardware | Builders Hardware
Schlage® figure-8 interchangeable core (IC) locksets allow immediate rekeying at the door simply by using the special control key to replace the core in seconds.

147 A Perfect Fit - Oem Quality Cylinders And Locks
A PERFECT FIT. Our commitments to quality, value, and customers’ needs are the core values at GMS. Since inception, our business and reputation has been built on manufacturing the highest quality, most reliable products in the industry. With unwaver- ing attention to detail, and meeting OEM specifications, we strive to make our products “The Perfect Fit” for all applications where our ...

148 Electra Pro™ Sdc' Z7200 Series Heavy Duty Cylindrical ...

149 Best 93k,73k.pdf - Comcast Business
Quick rekeying with BEST interchangeable core. No exposed keeper hole on keyed units for increased security. Hub torque spring provides extra resistance to lever sag Snap-on inside rose (no exposed mounting screws). Keyed lever is removable only after removal of core. ADA compliance title Ill. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories for use on 3 hour, A label single swinging doors (4' x 8 ...

150 Trilogy 4100/4500 Series Electronic Pushbutton Locks With ...
Interchangeable Core Option, Special Core Preps available as well as Regal Handle Trim 4100 Cylindrical Specifications Operation: Authorized digital code or prox technology ID allows lever to retract latch. Inside lever is always in passage mode and permits instant egress. Operating Temperature: Weatherproof lock with operating range from -31 degrees below to 151degrees F. Keypad ...

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