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Best Interchangeable Core Locks

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1 Schlage 23-030-c-606 Cylinder For Full Size ...
Schlage 23-030-C-606 Cylinder for Full Size Interchangeable Core in C Keyway, 606 - Satin Brass, Varies Metal

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2 1000 Series Knob Pushbutton Locks Kaba Simplex
105 Kaba Simplex 1000 Series Knob Pushbutton Locks Kaba Simplex This series is ideal for limiting access in high-traffic areas. Two access control functions are available in

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1 Locksmith Hardware List – 11/21/00 - Jefferson
Thomas Jefferson University. Standard Hardware Specifications. Cylindrical Locksets. Best 9K Series Lever Cylindrical Locksets. Best 93K7AB15D (Entrance Function)

The locks must accept a Best 7-pin interchangeable core. The industry nomenclature is “I/C small format 7 pin core” The industry nomenclature is “I/C small format 7 pin core” Door locks used throughout this installation are of two types: cylindrical and mortise.

3 Co-100 Standalone Electronic Lock Specification
Full Size Interchangeable Cores from Schlage, Sargent, Corbin Russwin, Medeco, and Yale format by Medeco in up to 6 pin cylinders Small Format Interchangeable core up to 7 pin by Schlage, Falcon, BEST, Sargent, Corbin Russwin, Medeco, Yale, and others.

4 Keying Systems & Lockset Functions -
All door locks in buildings shall be furnished with 7-pin uncombinated interchangeable core cylinders that have been approved by the F&S Locksmith Shop. Service Rooms: All mechanical, electrical, elevator and telecommunications equipment room door locks should be furnished with Corbin “60” keyways.

5 Locksmith Services - Request For Proposal
Awarded Bidder shall be able to provide installation, repair, and re-keying services for all major brands of locks and door hardware, including but not limited to Best (or comparable core lock), Sergeant, Falcon, Von Duprin, and Schlage brands.

6 Section 08 71 00 - Door Hardware
Where key locks are specified, these lock cylinders shall the accept our Best 7-pin interchangeable cores. The industry nomenclature for this would be: “I/C small format 7 pin core”. The industry nomenclature for this would be: “I/C small format 7 pin core”.

7 Section 08710 -
Cylinders: Schlage (SCH) or Best (BL) rim cylinder with Best 7 pin interchangeable core. Cylinder finish, including spacers and/or rings shall match the rest of …

Interchangeable Core (IC) only available on Orbit Lever or Plymouth with ANSI F95 function. Delete one of the next two paragraphs, or both if a non-keyed function is specified. Delete one of the next two paragraphs, or both if a non-keyed function is specified.

9 Section 08710 - Door Hardware -
High-security grade in subparagraph below is not available with interchangeable core. Second option in first paragraph below describes tumbler proprietary to cylinder manufacturer. Permanent Cores: Manufacturer's standard; finish face to match lockset; with [interchangeable] cores.

10 Section 08 7100 -
Provide lockset with type Best cylinder housing that accepts interchangeable 7-pin core as specified in Section 2.4 Levers: Provide [Style 3, solid tube with return levers]. Provide levers at entrances into hazardous areas (i.e. electrical rooms) with a tactile (TL style) finish.

2903-771-4002 | Fax 903-771-4002 | 2. 903-771-4002 | Fax 903-771-4002 | 4903-771-4002 | Fax 903-771 ...

12 Exhibit B - Price Schedule -
Wilson Bohannan interchangeable core padlock stamped ConnDOT model number IC 53494 _____

13 Door Hardware -
Unless otherwise specified, locks shall be of mortise type, complying with ANSI A156.13, grade 1. Unless otherwise specified, escutcheons shall be 7 ½-inch by 2 ¼-inch wide by 0.050 thick minimum. Levers shall be cast, and shall return to within ½ inch of face of door.

14 Appendix A - Cmd Group
ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Bored and Preassembled Locks and Latches. ANSI/BHMA A156.5 Auxiliary Locks and Associated Products. ANSI/BHMA A156.13 Mortise Locks and Latches.

15 Section 05511 - Metal Stairs -
Equip locks with cylinders for interchangeable-core pin tumbler inserts, compatible with Installation’s locking system. Provide temporary inserts for the construction period, and remove these when directed. Provide key control for removal and insertion of cores.

1 Key And Core -
the locks at your facility using a single key, regardless of the lock manufacturer. 150 Series: For traditional BEST Interchangeable core applications, the 150 Series offers the security and convenience of a small format interchangeable core that will operate a wide variety of locking hardware, including cylindrical locks, padlocks, deadbolts and cabinet locks. PREMIUM & STANDARD KEYING ...

2 B Series - Best
This standardization permits Stanley/BEST locks of any type, size or style to be masterkeyed into one system which can expand to include future locking needs. All padlocks utilize the interchangeable core which allows immediate rekeying at minimal cost.

3 The Best Style Interchangeable Core - Lsa
3 The 70 Series Interchangeable Core Overview The Interchangeable core product is a product of convenience. This product is also referred to as the BEST Style or Small Format

4 1. Fenco’s 94b - Best Sfic Removable Core Locks 6 Pin ...
Fenco’s BEST SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Core) Removable Core Locks allow tellers to float from station to station without having to exchange the keys they are issued. In fact, they bring a set of cores and keys that are specifically assigned to them from station to station. With the assistance of a unique core removal key (a key that will only be able to remove a specific set of ...

5 Best A2 & A4 Keys System Training - Locksmith Security ...
BEST Standard Cores •Original Frank Best design from 1921 •Available in 6-pin and 7-pin versions •5-pin available by special order •Contains Keyway Families:

6 Interchangeable Core Padlocks & Cylinders
Interchangeable Core Padlocks & Cylinders List Components (See Order Examples) Padlock Body Only: 6841 LJ WO 6841LJWO (Follow Steps 1 and 2) 13 ⁄ 4” (44mm) brass xl shackle without core Core Only: CA 6 04 UN CA604UN (Follow Steps 3, 4, 5 and 6) Best® A Keyway 6 Pins satin brass Uncombinated Note: UN Cores available in multiples of 5 qty. only Padlock Body w/Core: 6841 LJ CA …

7 Interchangeable Core Best Compatible (small Format)
For BEST style interchangeable core cylinders BEST Interchangeable Core Best Compatible (Small Format) SPECIFICATIONS Function: Deadlocking latch U.S. Patent No: 4,899,563; 4,922,774; 5,657,652 Body: Zinc die cast Cylinder length: 1-1/8" Barrel diameter: 1-1/8" Latch projection: 1/4" Finish: 26D or US3 Packaged: Packed 10 per box KEYING INFORMATION Cores: Not included. Accepts: Best, …

8 Volume 5 Kenstan - Locks
Interchangeable Core. CF. Custom Finish. BL. Matte Black. SB. Satin Brass. PB. Polished Brass. PC. Polished Chrome. Interchangeable Core Line of Locks. Our I. line offers excellent security in a variety of showcase locks and

9 Clutch Mechanism Fixed Thru Bolt Installation ...
ELECTRIFIED LOCKS, TACTILE & LEAD LINING available upon request. Meets ADA requirements Specially designed for Barrier Free Application Conforms with BHMA / ANSI A156.2 Series 4000, Grade 1 requirements Exceeds 1,000,000 cycles GENESYS SERIES ANSI GRADE 1 HEAVY DUTY CYLINDRICAL LEVERSETS Available with Interchangeable Core for BEST, FALCON & ARROW …

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